I learned several books ago that writing a book is very different from writing a letter or an article. Fortunately I discovered the value of having an editor – a good / great editor. Lee Heinrich has edited three of my books, catching mistakes that would have caused me to hang my head in shame had the books gone to press as they were. You see, editing means more to her than detecting grammatical errors. It encompasses reading for organization, looking for a meaningful delivery method, commenting on catchy phrases or phrases of interest, coaching, and so much more. She is committed, knowledgeable, thorough, and a jewel with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I shudder to think what I would do if she would ever stop offering her editing services.
- Lorraine Stephens

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The Present of the Past speaks to the gifts that are obtained from our past. The mistakes we make, the people that we meet, our families, and the many encounters with living, all contribute to making us who we are. That is the true Present of life.

For several years, as a speaker, I had incorporated these stories in my presentations. It was a natural to make them available for others in written form. The way the book has been received has been a delight to me and confirmation that my audience wanted to read them in full.

The Present of the Past

We all are profoundly impacted by the people in our past and the emotional and personal deposits they make in our life account. “The Present of the Past” is an inspirational presentation, delivered in story form that asks you to reflect on those who have contributed to your values....
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