I benefitted from the professional proofreading services of Write Way Publishing in two aspects of my writing After the Shock. Write Way provided content evaluation during the beta stage of my manuscript and detailed proofreading in the pre-publication stage. I was highly impressed with their capacity to address the nuances of the text while noting fine points of grammar and content clarity. I would definitely recommend Write Way Publishing to anyone needing these services.
-Becky Sansbury

Author Biography

Becky Sansbury has spent most of her career helping people get through scary times. During her fourteen years as a hospice chaplain, followed by work with professionals in career and family crisis, Becky observed common traits among people who flourish, even when life is rough.

Combining their experiences and her insights, Becky developed a resilience-building model for individuals and organizations. She now speaks and consults based on her book, After the Shock: Getting You Back On The Road To Resilience When Crisis Hits You Head On.

After the Shock

When you hear the word crisis what do you think? A dramatic car wreck. A critical medical diagnosis. Divorce. Job loss. Natural disaster. Death. What about the mini-shocks within those crises or the smaller events that disrupt our lives more frequently? A fender bender in rush-hour traffic. Personal information getting hacked. Being overlooked for a promotion. When crisis hits, large or small, we are thrown off balance.
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